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Adobe Tech Comm Day – The Netherlands

Date: 20th September, 2018 | 09:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Venue: Casa Amsterdam

The event is free and ‘open to all’. Seats are limited, book yours at the earliest.

Why attend?

Join us for the very first Adobe Tech Comm Day in The Netherlands on the 20th of September! The event is specifically designed to give you an opportunity to meet and learn from renowned technical communication experts, get hands-on with the latest tools, and connect with peers.

Choose from a series of sessions that will cover key trends shaping the technical communication industry today, give live training on the latest tools that are transforming the way content is created, delivered and consumed, and showcase the ease with which one can migrate to modern, more efficient content workflows – without leaving your existing content behind.

Get valuable insights from industry experts

Grow your professional network

See new tools in action

Who should attend?

While the event is open to anyone who is interested,
the sessions will be particularly beneficial for industry professionals who hold following roles:

Technical Writers, Authors and Content Developers
Technical Publication Managers
Documentation Specialists, Engineers and Managers
Subject Matter Experts
Instructional Designers
Knowledge and eLearning Professionals
User Experience Designers
Information Architects and Developers
Policies and Procedures Specialists
Casual Content Contributors
IT Managers
Customer Success and Customer Experience Managers
Marketing Managers


    9.00 am - 9.30 am
    Registrations, coffee and breakfast
    9.30 am - 9.45 am

    Wim Hooghwinkel and Adobe Team

    9.45 am - 10.30 am
    How Intelligent Content and a unified Content Strategy can drive your Customer Experience Strategy

    Stefan Gentz

    10.30 am - 11.15 am
    Real results achieved by a customer using the latest version of Adobe FrameMaker

    To be announced

    11.15 am - 11.30 am
    Coffee break
    11.30 am - 12.15 pm
    What’s new in Adobe FrameMaker and RoboHelp

    Stefan Gentz

    12.15 pm - 1.15 pm
    Networking Lunch


    1.15 pm - 2.00 pm
    Adobe FrameMaker: Your page composition powerhouse

    Yves Barbion

    Session description:

    Page composition, i.e. formatting content and rendering it on a page, can be challenging at times, especially if you need to do this from structured content such as DITA XML. As compared to web and marketing content, technical documentation can be distinctly more complex with, a mixture of different page sizes and page orientations in a single document, sophisticated automatic numbering schemes, and a myriad of graphic files and table formats.

    For this type of work, Adobe FrameMaker is your friend, offering you a powerful page composition engine and an intuitive graphical user interface to design templates in no time.

    In this session, you will see some real-life examples of DITA-to-PDF publication challenges and how Adobe FrameMaker has helped Flow and their customers to get the job done successfully.

    2.00 pm - 2.45 pm
    Benoit Laxenaire

    AEM & Augmented Reality: The future for product information and after-sales support

    Session description:

    A deep-dive into the integration of AR technologies in Adobe Experience Manager to personalize content, improve user experience and increase customer loyalty. What content, technology and resources are required to go from theory to practice.

    As Augmented Reality gets literally real in different areas of our daily lives such as entertainment and communication, it has been also gaining momentum in different business domains. From R&D to marketing through customer support, AR technology is already creating real value, efficiency and revenue in companies of different sizes and industries.

    AMPLEXOR has teamed up with Adobe to show how augmented reality technologies can be integrated in digital platforms to improve engagement and user experience.

    In this hands-on session you will discover:

    • How to easily create AR experiences for your business
    • What content, technology and resources are required
    • Which innovative features brings the XML documentation add-on
    • The benefits of consolidating marketing and technical content on one platform
    • Exciting approaches to the automation of content-related processes
    • Clients’ success stories: improving after-sales support with interactive augmented reality guides
    2.45 pm - 3.00 pm
    Coffee break
    3.00 pm - 4.00 pm
    Getting started with DITA in FrameMaker in less than an hour

    Jang Graat

    4.00 pm - 4.15 pm
    Open house for questions


    4.15 pm onwards
    Networking cocktail reception




Jang Graat
Founder/CEO, Smart Information Design
Jang Graat
Founder/CEO, Smart Information Design

Jang studied Physics, Psychology and Philosophy in three different cities before embarking on a fast-track career in the supercomputer manufacturing domain back in 1987. He has tons of experience as technical author, trainer, consultant and developer. He has been using FrameMaker since version 7 and taught himself programming in a wide variety of languages. In the past decade, he has concentrated on making FrameMaker do all kinds of things that it does not do out of the box. This has earned him the unofficial honorary title ‘the Frame tamer”. Jang lives in the Netherlands with his princess, 2 cats, a Macbook Pro, a library of philosophy books and a bunch of musical instruments.

Stefan Gentz
Worldwide TechComm Evangelist, Adobe
Stefan Gentz
Worldwide TechComm Evangelist, Adobe

As the Global Evangelist for Technical Communication at Adobe, Stefan’s mission is to inspire enterprises and technical writers around the world and show how to create compelling technical communication content with the Adobe TCS tools.

Stefan is also a certified Quality Management Professional, ISO 9001 / EN 15038 auditor, Change Management Assessor, ISO 31000 Risk Management expert and Six Sigma Champion.

Stefan is a popular speaker and moderator on conferences such as tekom, tcworld, Intelligent Content Conference, Congility, LocWorld, TCUK, STC, GALA, ELIA, and many other. He is also a member of the Conference Advisory Board of the world’s biggest TechComm event, the tekom / tcworld Conferences and an Ambassador for the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA). He is also an active social networker on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Benoit Laxenaire
VP Digital & Enterprise Content Solutions at AMPLEXOR International
Benoit Laxenaire
VP Digital & Enterprise Content Solutions at AMPLEXOR International

Benoît Laxenaire is VP Sales of Digital Solutions at AMPLEXOR. Over the past 30 years he held a progression of engineering, consultancy and management positions, leading the launch of AMPLEXOR Canada and India branches. His creative streak combined with extensive business expertise have inspired him to drive the group sales strategy and solution portfolio successfully across geographies.

Yves Barbion
Managing partner at Flow Technical Communication
Yves Barbion
Managing partner at Flow Technical Communication

Yves is a managing partner at Flow, a Belgian technical communication consulting company. He is an award-winning technical writer and Adobe-Certified FrameMaker instructor with 25+ years of experience in the techcomm field. Yves teaches structured authoring and DITA and coaches aspiring technical writers.


Casa Amsterdam,
Eerste Ringdijkstraat 4,
1097 BC Amsterdam


Register for Adobe Tech Comm Day – The Netherlands

Note: Online registrations will close at 11.59 PM CET on September 19, 2018. Seats are limited, book yours at the earliest.

Contact us

We welcome your questions and comments regarding the event or the registration process.
Please drop us an email at techcomm@adobe.com


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